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Services for Private Appointments

Inner Sanctuary Training

  • Learn How to Meditate reliably and effectively for noticeable results
  •  Open your Spiritual Vision
  •  Create a relationship with your Higher Self
  •  Build your own Inner Sanctuary
  •  Direct your life choices from Wisdom and Love
  •  Establish an inner atmosphere of peace
  •  Release Negative Emotions and Physical Stress
  •  Manifest your Goals and Dreams

Course Description

Inner Sanctuary Training is life training. What you learn here will become a foundation from which you can build and design the life you want to live. The Inner Sanctuary Training establishes the sacred space within where you can go to receive spiritual insight and answers to your questions, release negative thoughts and feelings, restore balance and vitality, manifest your creative ideas, and strengthen your sense of purpose. Your sacred work in the Inner sanctuary continually brings greater light, love, wisdom and peace into your life and your world. Inner Sanctuary Training is Inspiring, Life Transforming, and Enlightening. 

This is a group course and is offered several times through the year.  

Course length is 2 hour classes once a week for 5 weeks.
Connecting with Spirit

Is your current life plan not working for you? Do you want to create a new life plan?

If you are looking to know yourself on a deeper level and are willing to release what no longer serves you; you are ready for "Connecting With Spirit".

This program is an intensive interactive collaboration between the client and facilitator.  You will experience several different modalities of the energy work we offer as well as some group work. 

 This program lasts for several weeks.  Connect with us directly for the program details and to get started "Connecting With Spirit" .

Prerequisite: Inner Sanctuary Training

RoHun Therapy

RoHun™ Therapy is a short-term, spiritually oriented, psychotherapy that works holistically on the energy system of an individual through: 

•activating, energizing, and connecting the Spiritual energy field 
•transforming and transmuting old and stuck faulty thought patterns from the unconscious regions of the mental and emotional energy fields 
•clearing and eliminating blocks and trauma from the emotional energy system 
•stimulating, balancing, and energizing the physical energy system 
•awakening intuitive and creative abilities 

The benefits of the RoHun™ Process are far reaching through the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit
Blood Cleanse

The Blood Cleanse is an effective healing process that cleanses and purifies the blood, activates healthy, vibrant stem cells and erases memory of disease. The process works to restore health to the physical body and your mental/emotional state of being. The session takes one hour.

Brazilian Light Energization

In this unique and sacred process, the therapist awakens and draws the kundalini energy up through the chakras to awaken the higher energy centers and open your psychic vision.  Energization™ evokes a mystical experience in which a sacred connection is made between you and Spirit.  Energization™ is for those who desire a spiritual awakening.  Healing transpires physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The energization takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Color & Sound Healing

Color and Sound healing methods have been used through out time for the purpose of healing.  Through the use of color visualization, color pomanders, toning, tuning forks and channeling, the healer will use both modern and ancient techniques to open, balance, energize, and align each chakra.  Healing energies will be channeled to the subtle bodies, and the related “color” areas of the physical body as needed.  The healing takes one hour.

Lotus Session

The Lotus Session is a Brazilian spiritist massage technique that removes energy blocks along the spinal cord, increasing vitality and improving circulation.  Then they work with Spirit doctors to channel healing to the physical healing where needed.  This session takes one hour.

Past Life Regression

Soul regressions for the purpose of accessing your abilities and healing the traumas that are locked in the unconsciousness.  The information received in the past life regression is always pertinent and meaningful for your current life.  This session takes one hour.


Rohun Cards ~ Soul ~ Life Path ~ Akashic

Reflective Etheric Healing

Reflective Etheric Healing is a process that uses the reflective nature of the Etheric energy body to bring healing to parts of the physical body through imagery and Etheric birthing. This process requires intentionality of both healer and client to bring through the necessary healing energy to smooth, repair, and harmonize any disruption found in the Etheric Body. This process re-establishes in the body part function the memory of a perfect healthy state with the requisite birthing energy for the body part function to heal and replace itself. Session takes one hour plus.

Reiki Classes

For adults and children..

Reiki Session

Sessions last 30 mins to 90 mins at your request.

Trance Healing

The higher energies of Divine Love, Light, and Healing are invoked for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Your blood and chakra system are cleansed by removing negative energy and replacing it with Love and Light. This session takes 45 minutes.

Yhandi's Inner Light

Healing the Inner Child and Inner Adult creates an inner alchemy that balances thoughts and feelings, heals your painful past of abuse and neglect, and creates a healthy relationship between your Inner Child and Adult self.  This is a life-changing process that leaves you with a vibrant sense of accomplishment and an openness to new and positive experiences.  You will express a greater creativity and experience the freedom of choosing what you want out of life.  This process takes four sessions and a commitment to all four sessions is necessary.
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